Pokécharms Trainer Card Maker

After over 15 years since the very first iteration of the Trainer Card Maker was uploaded, we finally have not just one, but two brand new versions built using the latest tech.

This is just the beginning - coming later this year we'll have even more new ways to use the Trainer Card Maker and a lot more content updates to come! Keep checking back for more!

New Modern Style Cards

Modern Trainer Card Style

An entirely new style of card designed for more modern and bigger screens, social media, Discord, Twitch, etc.

A whole new suite of Pokémon, Backgrounds and Trainer images are available as well as guaranteed updates to include all new Pokémon as they're released.

Classic Legacy Style Cards

Classic Legacy Trainer Card Style

All of our existing assets are available to use just as before with a from-the-ground-up remake of our classic Legacy Trainer Card Maker.

We'll still be updating these assets as much as we can but unfortunately we can no longer guarantee new Pokémon updates.

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